Great question! We generally recommend giving them a small service once every 6 months, basic bicycle maintenance like checking the brake blocks aren’t too worn or binding onto the rim and keeping tyre pressures up (we recommend 50 psi) Lubricated and oiling the chain will also keep things moving smoothly, everything fitted is standard parts so any bike shop should be able to give them a quick service for you.
We do sell batteries, we currently have some stock issues so we only have 24v batteries in stock at the moment. We recommend a company in Northampton called Motorsavers if you need a battery as it will likely be 3 months time before we get our stock back in. UPDATE: Batteries are hopefully due to arrive in july
As a family business our warranty policy is a little different, there is a standard year’s warranty on everything apart from punctures. That being said our warranty is based on a fantastic aftercare service, we strive to always help people free of charge for as long as we can and all we ask in return is a smile and thanks. Feel free to check our reviews for how people find our after sales service, you might be impressed!
We certainly do, as we’ve been building and selling our products for over twenty years we know exactly what problems can crop up and how to fix them. We even carry a portable workshop with us to the outdoor exhibitions we attend so we can fix and service while on site. You can also visit us at base in Coventry for any repairs needed. Please note we only work on our own model bikes.
We don’t personally sell second hand bikes, what we do though is if someone see’s us at an outdoor exhibition we will help them to sell the bikes while at the show for no charge! We help find a new owner and leave the payment up to the individuals.
We certainly do have instructions, as we’ve been going for over twenty years we have had some controller changes and offer two sets of instructions. If your bike has a 3 way red switch on the right hand side of the handlebars you’ll want the old style controller instructions If your bike has an LED panel fitted on the left hand side of the handlebars you’ll want the New style controller instructions